For info call 732-727-3838 or text 908-705-0128

Horseback Trail Riding 

#1) What is the weight limit for Horseback Trail Riding?
–weight limit is ~195 lbs. and you must have an average or slim height-to-weight ratio.
–you must be physically able to mount the horse without assistance.
–not sure we have a horse for you?, email us to inquire

#2) What is the minimum age, height, and experience level required for Horseback Trail Riding?
–Age 10 and minimum of 50 inches tall. We may require a series of riding lessons for youths before considering trail rides.
–Riding Lesson may be required first especially when there are a number of youths with a group

#3) Are reservations required for “Horseback Trail Riding” or the “Lesson / Trail Ride Package Experience”?
–Call / text 732-727-3838 or 908-705-0128 for Horseback Trail Riding reservations
–Call / text 908-705-0128 for the “Couples Private Ride” or email us for “Private Ride” details.

#4) When are Horseback Trail Rides available? Are you open in all weather conditions?
–Trail Rides are always available on Saturday & Sunday — ALL YEAR LONG!
–Please call 732-727-3838 for open/closed status, weather related closings, & specific daily hours.

#5) Are “Private Rides” available? I’d like to bring my girlfriend / boyfriend / spouse for something special
–Absolutely! Please email us for “Private Ride” details. Please call / text 908-705-0128 to schedule a “Couples Private Ride”

#6) Can we ride double? Can a child ride with me?
–No double riding! We do have hand-led pony and horse rides for small children.

#7) Must I take a lesson before going on the trail? Can I ride even if I’m a beginner with no riding experience?
–A lesson is required [for most riders] before trail rides and we have horses for all levels of riding ability.
–Riding Lessons are required for youth riders before considering them for Trail Rides.
–You may want to consider our “Lesson & Trail Riding Package”

#8) Are all Trail Rides guided? What is the pace of the ride? What if I have riding experience?
–Trail rides are guided. Walk & jog pace. Perhaps a more aggressive ride if you display competent experience.

#9) Should we tip our Trail Guide?
–Sure, especially if you enjoyed your ride! Your Trail Guide will gladly accept tips. Thank you!

#10) Are there waiting lines? When is the least busiest time? Can we set up a reservation for a Private Ride?
–Come early to avoid wait times. Call 732-727-3838 for “Private Ride” reservations or email us for details.

#11) We plan to come riding with a group of friends. How do we arrange for our group to ride together?
–You may want to consider one of our “Private Rides” for your group . Please email us for details.

#12) Do you ride with Western or English saddles at the stables?
–Western Riding exclusively! The Ole’ Cowboy way to ride!

#13) What type of clothing and shoes should we wear to go Horseback Riding?
–Wear jeans and outdoor footwear like work-boots, hiking boots, sneakers. Footwear must be tied on with LACES
No Ugg boots – No sandals – No slippers – No ballet shoes – No high-heels – No slip-on type footwear – No dress shoes!
No sweat-pants – No shorts – No pajamas – No dress-pants! WEAR JEANS !
Keep in mind folks, it’s Horseback Riding. It’s not the Beach; it’s not the Mall; it’s not the Office. Wear appropriate clothing !

#14) We are coming to ride with a group which includes small children. What do you suggest?
–Trail rides are for ages 10+ [with riding experience] so bring an extra adult who will stay with the younger children taking Pony Rides.


Riding Lessons

#1) What is the minimum age for Riding Lessons? Minimum height? Weight limit?
— Age 7 thru Adult. Minimum height: 44 inches. Weight limit: 195 lbs.

#2) What style / discipline of Horse Riding & Lessons do you teach?
–We offer Beginner Western Horsemanship training, intermediate, and advanced Western Pleasure lessons.

#3) When can I start taking Riding Lessons? How do I sign up for Riding Lessons?
— Start by appointment: call / text 908-705-0128

#4) Must I schedule a Riding Lesson or can I just show up? Are Lessons taught all year long?
–Yes, you must schedule Riding Lessons. Riding Lessons are available ALL YEAR LONG!

#5) How do I schedule Riding Lessons?
–Please call / text 908-705-0128 to schedule Riding Lessons

#6) I have a Riding Lesson scheduled. Are lessons being held in today’s weather conditions?
–Please call 732-727-3838 for open/closed status and weather related closings.

#7) How many students are there with an instructor?
–Usually from one to three students per instructor. Advanced classes may have more.

#8) Are there discounted packages available for Riding Lessons?
–Yes! Click to visit the “Riding Lessons” page.

#9) Must I purchase a package of Riding Lessons or can I take a single lesson?
–You may schedule a single lesson at any time. Call / text 908-705-0128 to make an appointment.

#10) Is special equipment, clothing, or helmets required for Riding Lessons?
–Please wear loose-fitting jeans (not baggy), boots (riding, hiking, work) and we suggest wearing a helmet [required for minors].

#11) Should we tip our Riding Instructor if we enjoyed our Riding Lesson?
–That’s very thoughtful of you to ask! Yes, your Riding Instructor will gladly accept! Thank you!


Pony Rides

#1) When are Pony Rides available? Are reservations required?
–Saturday & Sunday all year long. Call ahead for availability

#2) What is the age range for Pony Rides? Can a child be hand-led on a horse?
–Ages 2 and up. Yes, ponies and horses are available for hand-led rides.

#3) Can I walk along with my child on the Pony Ride? Can I take pictures?
–Yes, please do walk along and take as many pictures as you like!

#4) Will the Pony Walkers accept tips?
–That is very thoughtful of you and yes, your Pony Walker will gladly accept tips! Thank you!


Pony Rides for Parties

Call 732-208-7767 for Home Pony Party reservations. Packages starting at $195-

#1) Can you bring the Pony Rides to my home for a party? To my school? To my business?
–Yes, we can bring our Pony Rides to homes, schools, parks, churches, businesses, and other places.

#2) Where will you offer the Pony Rides at our Home / Location?
–Back yard, front yard, driveway, sidewalk, parking lot, field, or just about anywhere safe! A grassy area is always preferred.

#3) Will you clean up after the Ponies?
–Of course we will take away any ‘droppings’. Let us know if you want it for your vegetable or flower garden.

#4) Should we tip the Pony Handlers after they have finished giving rides?
–Thank you for asking and yes, the handlers will gladly accept your generosity!

#5) I have booked a Pony Party and made a deposit. Do I need to call to confirm arrangements?
–No! You will receive a confirmation by email a few days before your event date.

#6) How will we know if you have us in your Pony Party schedule?
–You will receive a confirmation email. Feel free to email us at:


Gift Certificates 

#1) How can I purchase Gift Certificates? Are Gift Certificates available for all services?
–Yes, Gift Certificates are available for all services and may be purchased in 3 ways:
Purchase Gift Certificates at the stables on Saturday or Sunday (need directions?)
Call / text 908-705-0128 to purchase Gift Certificates over the telephone.

#2) If I purchase Gift Certificates today, when will I receive them?
–All Gift Certificate orders are processed within 48 hrs. so you should receive them within 3-4 days.

#3) How long are Gift Certificates valid for? Are the stables open all year?
–Yes, the stables are open all year and Gift Certificates are valid for one full year from date of purchase.


Summer Day Camp

#1) Where do I find information and registration forms for the Summer Day Program?
–Links for these forms may be found on the Summer Day Camp page:

#2) What is the age range of Summer Day Program participants?
–Summer program campers range from ages 8 to 16.

#3) My child has no riding experience. Should we arrange for some Riding Lessons before camp starts?
–ABSOLUTELY! Prior riding experience is required. Contact the stables office to set up Riding Lessons in advance.

#4) Are the participants in camp mostly boys or girls?
–There’s a fair mix and there always seems to be more girls on average in each session.

#5) How much riding time is there in camp?
–Lots of riding time- both ring riding & trail riding. There’s also time spent on safety, handling, & horsemanship.

#6) When should we sign up for camp?
–Early! We only take a limited number of participants and all the sessions fill up quickly.

#7) What is the ratio of counselors or instructors to campers?
–The ratio is about 1 to 4.

#8) Will my child have fun in horse camp? Will she / he learn more and enjoy it?
–We find the campers who have prior Riding Lessons really enjoy it the most. Arrange for Riding Lessons before camp starts!

#9) What type of clothing is needed for camp? Are helmets required?
–Please wear jeans [not baggy types] and work shoes or hiking boots. Riding helmets are ABSOLUTELY required! Safety is key!